Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Do you know what am i doing when i was bored and felt kind os lonely?? It simple i just put my camera on the chair in front of me and then i started to click the self-timer, and i begin to pose in front of it. And the result is not really bad and some of the photos i kinda love it. You should try it sometimes, it's really really fun to do!! i know it's sound pretty silly, but you should check out the result, hehehehe........ (i hope you like it!!)

These are the examples what i've done with my self-timer:

Dress : Topshop

Shirt : FCUK

Dress : Forever 21

Blazer : Pasar Baroe Market only Rp. 25.000/2,5 USD

Shirt : From Bali only Rp. 50.000/5 USD

Skirt : It's Batik, but the design is mine

Jacket : Actually it's the back of the jacket that has leopard print

Long Shirt : Kamiseta

Necklace : Warehouse

Shirt : Zara Man

Skirt : Promod

Bag : Vintage Yogyakarta Market

Dress : My own design

Necklace : A accessories store at Bandung

Shoe : Mango

Dress : Topshop

Necklace : Warehouse

Wayfarer : Ray-Ban

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