Thursday, February 19, 2009


One day my friend Rany text me, she wants me to be her model for her photography things, so i'm very excited about that, because i really like photography and photoshoot. So this my friend Rany has an astistry kind of photography that i really really like it.

So at August 17th 2008 (very long time ago rite??!!) we decided to go to Sentul City to take some photos, and we really enjoy it, it's really fun!!
So these are her works, enjoy it, and leave some comment, pleeeeaaaseeee......

Those photos above was taken by Rany

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Me and my familiy heard the news that will be a ring eclipse, so we decided to go outside the house to saw what happened. Because we can't see the eclipse without any cover for our eyes, sooo all my family wearing a sunglasses, because that day the sky really cloudy so the eclipse not very clear to see, and we're getting bored waiting that to happened and then like always we decided to take some pictures.

(F.Y.I: those pictures was taken by the reflection from the helmet)