Monday, June 22, 2009

Second Hand Market

Last Thursday i went to second hand market at Jakarta called Senen. I went there with my best friends Tya and Bonnie. So when i got there i'm looking for nice blouses and denim jacket. So i end up buying those stuffs. I bought two flower blouses, one mini skirt and one denim jacket. And like always i mix it with my other clothes. So one more time enjoy it!!!!

IMG_5218 IMG_5228

Short : Old Navy

Necklace : Bandung

IMG_5234 IMG_5237

Short : Topshop

Brown Belt : ??

Necklace : Bandung

IMG_5186 IMG_5184

Tank : Richard Chai for Target

Legging : ??

Necklace : Forever 21

Wayfarer : Ray-Ban

Oh ya, sorry for not posting the skirt, it will appear for the next article, i promise.


Hi everyone, it's been a long time i didn't post anything to my blog. It's good to be back. At this article i wanna show you a boots. It's not odrdinary boots people wear, it's a boots that usually use for work especially wet work, or even people use it when flood is comming. And also this boots is not belong to me, but it's my niece's, she use this boots for her play at her school, so when i look at this boots i was like "wow!! it's really cool botts!!" so i tried it, and foot fit it, but my toes not fit enough the boots, hahahaha.........
After i borrowed it i'm trying to mix and match with my clothes, i thought it's gonna be cool with some stylish clothes, and it is, it looks stylish enough to wear with any of your clothes.



So this is the boots everyone!!!

And then i mix it with my clothes

IMG_5373 IMG_5388

T-Shirt : Topshop

Ripped Jeans : Topshop

Blazer : Second Hand Market


Tank : Pull & Bear

Shirt : Zara Man

Pants : Zara Kids

I love me + Boots + Military Jacket

Tank : Pull & Bear

Military Jacket : Zara

Pants : Zara Kids