Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm trying to mix and match my clothes in my closet and take some pictures, hope you like it, and leave comments if you like........

Tank Top: Target by Richard Chai

Shirt: Bali

Shorts: Massimo

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: mango

T-Shirt: Zara Man

Leather Jacket: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop

Bag: D'Loop

T-Shirt: Seed

Leather Jacket: Topshop

Printed Legging: My sister's

Wayfarer: Ray-ban

Maxi Dress: My Design

Headband: Forever 21

Blouse: Benetton

Skirt: Invio

Handeld Bag: Louis Vuitton Calfskin

Shirt: Topshop

Skirt: Promod

Sling Bag: Aigner

Jumpsuit: Topshop

Necklace: Forever 21

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Me without partying is not who i am. My life it's been relatively with party. You can see me partying at many places with many taking pictures. Why i love about partying is you can meet many people there and some times the one that you are really like and you've never you've never met him before (hahahaha......... actually that's my story). Not only that you can take really great pictures, unique pictures, and the lighting is really useful for the energy of the picture, it can make your picture seems really colorful and fun (you can see my pictures before this posts) those kind of picture was really a statement from who i am for sure.

So when i'km at KL i go to 1 club the club's name is Loft. I'm going there with my friend and her boyfriend, so only the 3 of us. And the my friend order a drink and the manager of the club open a pitcher of beer for us, so i drank it. After that the bartender gave us 6 glass of black label and i drank 3 glass of them and i finally get really drunk, hahahaha........ and my friend too.

So the next day i'm going to club (again!), but it's different club the name is Cynabar. But this time we're not only the 3 of us but 7 of us, my other friends were joining too. I think this place is quite nice but the music they're playing was rnb so it's not the music the i really like, but not only me but my other 2 friends. So i decided to go another place.
When we're decided to go another place so we go to a club that called Space. They're play the kind of music that we like, and thankfully they're playing electro house, so we're having fun there. And the place was really nice too with the colorful lighting, so we're taking some great pictures. (I think the pictures that taken were kind of my style, hehehehe.....)


So my first day at KL was soooo exhausted, after i'm arrived at the airport i was waited for my friends which was 1 hour after my plane landed. And after i was meeting my friends we go to my friend's condo at KL (the place where i stay at KL). After we're arriving we slept for a very long time, til night actually. After we woke up we took dinner at Hartamas.

And the 2nd day was the New Year's day, so we decided to go to Pavilion at Bukit Bintang, there we take some pictures. Especially in front of LV store which is really famous.

But after we had dinner at Pavilion my friend got a message from her boyfriend, and something really bad happen so we had to come met him at my friends condo. Actually only me and my friend (who had the problem absolutely). After everything clear so we go back to Bukit Bintang to met my other friends, but the situation still bad between my friend and he boyfriend.

And finally the Countdown was really near. So we're getting ready for the New Year. So many people there to celebrate the New Year countdown. Before the countdown the DJ was playing some dancing music (it's almost like a really big rave party) and he was playing the World is Mine song which is i really like the song. So the time that we've waited is coming HAPPY NEW YEAR, and the fireworks was on, but too sad i was almost didn't see the fireworks because the buildings there was covering the fireworks. huhuhu.............