Sunday, March 8, 2009

Top, Top, Topshop

I don't know why i love topshop soooooo much. Do you know what almost every clothes in my closet is Topshop, from t-shirt, dresses, skirt, jeans, short, blazer, jacket, leather jacket, and of course many of my blouses are Topshop. When i bought a dresses or blouses of course, i always loved the design, even the prices are not cheap and almost got my pocket empty but i'm satisfied enough to bought it!!! And i always love Topshop and i always will......!! hehehehe......
These are just a few of my Topshop collection.

Topshop Short + Bali's Shirt

Topshop Short + Topshop Blouse

Topshop Short + Topshop Blouse + Black Blazer

Topshop Skirt + Topshop Bow Tank + Long Grey Blazer

Topshop Blouse + Old Navy Short + Vintage Aigner Bag

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wearable, Comfortable

I don't know why i felt soooo comfort with these look, which is my personal style. I want to wear these style everyday, but i can't!! Why?? Because i don't want people see me with a kinda boring stuff, like wore these over and over again. I was like, pleeeeaaaassseeee.......... i have so much clothes in my closet, why don't i wear those everyday with different mix and match things to do, it was really fun!! Yeah right, i did that all the time.

Shirt : Bali's Market

Plain Black Tank Top

Batik Skirt : My own design

Necklace : Forever 21

Blazer : Pasar Baroe

Plain Black Tank Top

Short : Old Navy

Necklace : Forever 21

Shirt : Elle

Tank Top : Zara

Jeans : Levi's

Necklace : Forever 21

Military Jacket : Zara

Tank Top : Zara

Jeans : Topshop

Mini Dress : Mango

Vest : Pasar Gede Bage, Bandung

Necklace : Forever 21

Dress (Underneath) : Topshop

Leather Jacket : Topshop

Dress : My own Design

I know that dress was not for everyday style, buuuut i love to wear it every party that i attended to.