Sunday, March 8, 2009

Top, Top, Topshop

I don't know why i love topshop soooooo much. Do you know what almost every clothes in my closet is Topshop, from t-shirt, dresses, skirt, jeans, short, blazer, jacket, leather jacket, and of course many of my blouses are Topshop. When i bought a dresses or blouses of course, i always loved the design, even the prices are not cheap and almost got my pocket empty but i'm satisfied enough to bought it!!! And i always love Topshop and i always will......!! hehehehe......
These are just a few of my Topshop collection.

Topshop Short + Bali's Shirt

Topshop Short + Topshop Blouse

Topshop Short + Topshop Blouse + Black Blazer

Topshop Skirt + Topshop Bow Tank + Long Grey Blazer

Topshop Blouse + Old Navy Short + Vintage Aigner Bag


  1. whoa. biz masuk looks magz yah hehehe
    mmm. nice polkadot short :D
    eh. aku link yah. met kenaaal :]

  2. salam kenal jugaa...!!
    thx ya udh liat blog aku