Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Nailart

Welcoming holiday season, so i made some Christmas Nailart inspired. Enjoy!! Happy Holiday Everybody!!

Jack Frost Nailart

Jack Frost vs Rudolph Santa Nailart

 Snowy Christmas Tree Nailart

Santa Clause and Friends Nailart

Monday, December 3, 2012

Battle of The Leopard Nailart

Pinky Leopard Nailart

Peach & Tosca Blue Leopard Nailart

Peach & Blood Red Leopard Nailart

Neon vs Silver Leopard Nailart

Thumb Multi Color Leopard Nailart with Black Nailpolish

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mix & Match Nailart

Gold and Silver Mix & Match Nailart

Poppin' Color Nailart

Cupcakes Inspired Mix & Match Nailart

Union Jack Nailart

Monday, November 26, 2012

Drippies Nailart

Black Matte with Gold Glitter Drippy Nailart

Silver Nailpolish with Black Drippy Nailart

French Manicures Nailart | Magnetic Nailpolish

 French Manicure with Mint Green and Silver Tip

 Nude Nailpolish with Sky Blue and Electric Purple Tip 

Gold Magnetic Nailpolish with Matte top coat

Drippy | Cracking Black Matte | Alice in Wonderland Nailart

 Water Dripping Nailart mix with Tribal Nailart

Black Matte mix with Maroon Crackle top coat

Alice in Wonderland Nailart 1

Alice in Wonderland Nailart 2

Piano | Color Leopard | Galaxy Nailart

Piano Nailart

 Color Leopard Nailart

Galaxy Nailart

Pink Heart & Comme des Garcons Nailart

 Pinky Heart Nailart 

Comme des Garcons Nailart

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Nailart Salon

My nailart salon is officially here at your door. Just call me and i'll be coming to you. Choose your favorite design and mix and match it on your nails. 




Silver Surfer

I'm getting bored with gold accessories, i think it's time for silver to get shine. And it matched pretty well with black watch. 



Experimenting Nailart

Another experimenting nailart before i officially open my door to door nailart store or service. I hope you enjoy it. 



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cloudy Feet

I'm sorry that i don't have a good feet, but my hands are full with nailart, so where else could it be? Yes the feet. So i did this cloudy vs leopard nailart. 


Black on Black

I was experimenting the black on black nail polish. At first i was using plain black polish then i top coated it with matte top coat. Then i made the stripes and dots with glossy nail polish and nailart pen.

It's not perfect but at least i tried it.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Random Nailart

These nails made by my friend. We're kind of experimenting with nailart, so she ended up drawing different things on my nails. 


Swallow on my thumb, then an eye, a bow with polkadots, fishnet, and the last, dots.

Armani Exchange Fall/Winter 2012 Presentation

I was invited at Armani Exchange fall/winter fashion show presentation at Senayan City last Friday. Many pretty dresses, cool jackets and many more. And the event was amazing with the good food and DJ playing and also live performance. 


IMG_2783 IMG_2781
Little Black Dresses

IMG_2779 IMG_2766
Cute mini dresses

IMG_2777 IMG_2786
Prints Madness

Gorgeous maxi dress

IMG_2791 IMG_2769
Love these jackets for fall season

IMG_2778 IMG_2773
IMG_2792 IMG_2780
Casual and formal at men's dept.