Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The first day i finished my exam, i went out with my friends immediately, cause i can't stand it anymore, i really miss my friends and really miss hang ou with my friends and chechking out some cute guys, hehehe.....

So first time we arrive at a place called La Codefin we ate dinner first, and i bought an ice cream wich is really famou called Sour Sally, and i tasted it for the first time, after i finished my first bite i commented dirrectly, it taste just like ordinary ice cream with yoghurt flavor, that's all, nothing special with it.

This is the picture when we were ate dinner

After we having dinner, we hittin the club, haha..... the club called Barcode was placed at rofftop of the building (but it's not open air, it's in the room, just like ordinary club). For the first time i went there, my first impression is: it's really nice club, and most of the clubber are not people from Indonesia, most of them are teenage "bule" hehe...... we felt really wierd right there, but we try to have fun. First time we arrived, we're not forgot to take a picture first, haha...... (typical teenager)

After that we order some drink, but we are not planning to go out wild, cause my friends felt sick and can't go out wilf that night. But we tried to have fun though.

After drink a few alcohol, we felt a little bored there, so we try to find another activities, and finally we found, so called it's time to take soooooome picture.

These are some picture was taken when i was bored and try to have so much fun:

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