Saturday, December 27, 2008


I don't know why i really enjoy going to club, i think it's really fun cause clubs are the place to be seen and being seen. If the clubs is really a big hit there are sooooooooooo many cool people.
And the part that i really really love is the music, i really looooooove house music, but if i have a one chillin' night i would prefer deep house music or lounge music.

So last night i went to Urban Lounge with my friend Rae and some others, it's a new lounge at Jakarta. OK about the place, it's really really cool interior there even though it's a small lounge, i really like the wood who has a rhythm which is really cool. OK that's enough to talk about the club, so when i arrive there in directly i open up my camera bag and starting to take some pictures. Cause this is a new place so i really enjoyed it.
But before i went to Urban Lounge i was take a coffee and have some chit chats at Starbucks FX (in the same building with Urban Lounge)

Those photos was taken when i'm at Sturbucks

Those pictures was taken when i was at Urban Lounge


  1. Nice outfit ;)

    Happy New Year 2009 findryany ^,^


  2. Thx soooo much.....!!

    Happy New Year 2009 for both of you!!