Friday, February 4, 2011

Je suis en amour avec PARIS!!

I love Paris very much, so its like a dream when i was there in New Year, can you believe it that i'm at Paris in the last day of 2010. It's PARIS for god sake, the most beautiful city in the whole world!!!! Enjoy my photos everyone.

Finally, the most famous EIFFEL TOWER





I'm in love with all the old buildings in PARIS

Everybody know that the famous Liberty in New York made in French

Pont Alexandre III, Paris
Pont Alexandre III, this is where Carrie and Mr. Big scene when they're in Paris

Louvre, Paris
This is where Mona Lisa live, Musee du Louvre

Ferris Wheel at Champs Elysees

Hôtel Ritz Paris
This is where Lady Di hotel before she die, The Ritz Paris

Notre Dame de Paris 1
Notre Dame de Paris 2
Remember Hunchback of Notre Dame, this is the Cathedral

Everybody know where to shop in Paris, yes, Galeries La Fayette is every girl heaven

Champs-Élysées 1
The famous street in Paris Champs Elysees, oooh i love the lights, now wonder that Paris is city of lights

Eiffel Tower 2
Can't believe it that i saw the Eiffel Tower's light at night, soooo beautiful, made me cry

I hope that someday i will be back and live in Paris, i wish that Ecole du Louvre will accept me as one of their student majoring Art History, Ameeeeeeeen.......!!!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of Paris! It's my dream city to live one day! xoxoxoo