Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off Jacket, On Jacket

Ok, i was just bought a dress at midnight shopping that held at Senayan City for the last 2 weeks, so the result is i bought a floral dress and it's 70% off, it looks nice.

So the next day i inspired myself again to have a photoshoot in my bedroom (as always) So i decided to pick 3 dresses (include the new one). At this concept of the photoshoot is "how the dress look with on jacket and off jacket". And as always i mix and match it with the dresses i have and the jackets i have.

floral dress 2

Off Jacket

floral dress 1

Get closer the detail

floral dress 3

On Jacket
Dress : Jasper Conran
Headband : From my sequined dress
Jacket : My sister's


Off Jacket


Look out the detail


On Jacket
Dress : Pasar Gede Bage
Tank : Zara (wear inside dress)
Jacket : GAP (pasar senen)


Off Jacket


Look closer


On Jacket

Dress : Zara

Headband : Tya's DIY

Leather Jacket : Topshop


  1. You have awesome taste.!! I LOVE that floral dress so much.

  2. I didn't know that you're into fashion this much. Hehehe.

    A very nice blog, by the way. Keep experimenting. :)