Friday, May 22, 2009


Let me tell you one word that i always say when i get bored anywhere and anytime. That word got really famous between me and my friends, and we'll say it over and over again almost every time, even we're not that very bored at the time, and that word is MATIK.

Do you want to know what MATIK means?? It mean Maneuver Antique. That kind of silly right?? You'll know what is really mean when you often heard that word over and over again.
So enough about MATIK's mean, now i wanna show you when MATIK is happening with me and my friend, what we're doing when that time arrive in our mind, that's call MATIK as you know before. For this article the example of MATIK is Photo shoot in my bedroom with self timer. Not just that we're trying some clothes and changing over and over again. So let's see what we've got!!

Dress : it's BCBG's Tya
Shoes: Tya's
Necklace : Bandung
Headband : Tya's
All that she's wearing is hers

All Hers

Still Hers
Top : Zara
Blazer : Tya's
Zipper Skirt : Mango
Heels : Zara
Headband : Tya's
Jumpsuit : x(s,m,l)

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