Thursday, April 30, 2009

TYA's Birthday Bash

This is the Birthday Girl TYA SUMARSONO, her birthday bash held at Portobello, Mid Plaza Sudirman. Her pasrty was really good with Wine all night long, from red to white to Champagne, and it taste good. Not only the wine taste good the birthday cake tasted good too, it's cupcake with colorful decoration cake, i felt sorry for eat the cake, because it can ruin the decoration of the cake. And the dresscode is New York Upper Eastiders Style, just like Gossip Girl fashion style.

This is my friend Lia with the boys

This is Tya with her friends from Economy

This is me with my friends Stevie and Prisca

This is Rae with friends Ms. Bold (Ella), Christie & Reidy, and with Prisca

This is my friends from Atma Girls to UPH boys
We are THE PARTY CRASHER (Myself, Bonnie, and Tya), hahahahaha........
And these all of us who attends Tya's Birthday Bash