Monday, November 26, 2012

Drippies Nailart

Black Matte with Gold Glitter Drippy Nailart

Silver Nailpolish with Black Drippy Nailart

French Manicures Nailart | Magnetic Nailpolish

 French Manicure with Mint Green and Silver Tip

 Nude Nailpolish with Sky Blue and Electric Purple Tip 

Gold Magnetic Nailpolish with Matte top coat

Drippy | Cracking Black Matte | Alice in Wonderland Nailart

 Water Dripping Nailart mix with Tribal Nailart

Black Matte mix with Maroon Crackle top coat

Alice in Wonderland Nailart 1

Alice in Wonderland Nailart 2

Piano | Color Leopard | Galaxy Nailart

Piano Nailart

 Color Leopard Nailart

Galaxy Nailart

Pink Heart & Comme des Garcons Nailart

 Pinky Heart Nailart 

Comme des Garcons Nailart